Who we are

The Georgian School Administrators Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Association") was established in April 2017. The initiator of its creation, together with his associates, was the co-founder and scientific director of the school "Logos" Gia Murghulia. The organization currently unites more than a hundred public and private schools of Georgia.

The association has already implemented a number of projects, for example, we will name a few of them:


The main goal of the Association is to promote the development of effective and efficient management in Georgia in the field of general education. The organization unites current school principals, deputies, quality assurance managers, who share the view that it is necessary to establish modern management paradigms in Georgian schools. This means representing the head of the school as an educational leader and understanding the school as a space to achieve the "National Goals for General Education" - the fundamental document adopted by the Government of Georgia in 2004.  The association plans to fulfill this mission, on the one hand, by promoting this activity and the interest of new, promising managers, and, on the other hand, by offering services and educational products that will help existing administrators to improve their activities.